12 Best TCM Clinics Singapore for Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions, including stress, anxiety, fatigue, and digestive issues. Though the methods used in TCM are often quite different from conventional Western medical practices, TCM is an effective treatment for many problems that can address through modern medicine alone. In addition, some people combine Western and Eastern therapies to promote optimal health—and this trend is becoming more popular as studies continue to show how well they work together! Here are some great TCM clinics that offer services like acupuncture and cupping therapy:

Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health


Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health focuses on a comprehensive strategy for overall health and well-being. You can find a wide variety of traditional Chinese medicine and therapies at their Premier TCM Centers, Wellness clinics, general clinics, and sessional clinics to help you heal effectively and regain vitality.

Their skilled staff can offer a thorough health examination and individualized treatment plan for you, whether you need care for short-term or long-term health issues or want to keep your health at its best.

Address: Eu Yan Sang Centre 21 Tai Seng Drive Singapore 535223
Contact: 1800 225 1887
Website:  https://sg.euyansangclinic.com/


MacPherson TCM & Wellness Clinic


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is practiced at the MacPherson TCM & Wellness Clinic in Central East Singapore. Authentic Chinese medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic tuina, and integrated services like corrective exercise training and nutrition are all part of the modernized TCM care they offer.

They strive to provide dependable healthcare while upholding the principles of ethics and discipline. They allay concerns about unfavorable side effects by using thoroughly researched traditional herbs as therapy. The highest levels of safety and hygiene are something they take great pride in, as their white, spotless environment demonstrates. Their goal at Macpherson TCM & Wellness is to guide you toward a healthy lifestyle.

Address: Blk 81 Macpherson Lane #01-33 Singapore 360081
Contact: +65 6547 4550
Website:  https://www.macphersontcm.com/


Pulse Traditional Chinese Medicine


PULSE TCM was founded to fuse contemporary thinking with classical TCM wisdom and methods. They are now Singapore’s most up-to-date TCM clinic, operating seven offices throughout the city and pain management and foot reflexology center.

Additionally, they actively work to demystify Traditional Chinese Medicine and inform the public about its advantages. Their doctors frequently create informative content through online publications, webinars, and corporate health presentations.

They also provide the public with a private forum to ask questions and receive answers from their doctors through their askPULSE Q&A health platform. Before choosing to attend a consultation or treatment, individuals can submit any concerns regarding health, TCM, and more and receive an answer.

Contact: +65 6634 8933
Website:  https://pulsetcm.sg/


Oak Health Chinese Medicine

Oak Health Chinese Medicine

Oak Health places a holistic focus on their health and wellness to provide people with the famous advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through an integrative healthcare system.

A comprehensive selection of all-natural treatments targets the fundamental causes of your health concerns. All of their treatments are identified and recommended by doctors with complete certification knowledgeable in both Western and Chinese medicine.

Address: 83 East Coast Road Singapore 428786
Contact: +65 62868896
Website:  https://www.oakhealth.com.sg/


NovaHealth TCM Clinic


NovaHealth is registered with the TCMPB and provides various TCM services to treat the numerous conditions that may affect you while you go about your everyday life. All of their customers receive effective, engaging care from NovaHealth in a welcoming setting. Despite the ancient nature of TCM, our clinic uses modern equipment.

The Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore is home to NovaHealth, surrounded by the bustle of daily life. Being close to Singapore’s financial district also makes it simple for them to attend to your needs. So why are you still waiting? Schedule a time with their clinic immediately for a healthy, fulfilling experience! They provide patients with high-quality health care from experienced doctors at affordable prices.

Address: @One Raffles Place 1 Raffles Place #05-17 Singapore 048616
Contact: +65 6532 0591
Website:  https://www.novahealthtcm.com/


Oriental Remedies Group


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the foundation of the effective therapies provided by Oriental Remedies Group (ORG), a premier patient-centered healthcare organization.

From a small TCM clinic with just one doctor, they expanded into a group of bilingual doctors with, on average, more than ten years of TCM experience. Their doctors are well-versed in both modern science and traditional Chinese medicine, thanks to their training in biomedical science. They hope to assist everyone who enters their doors to feel better sooner by implementing tech-enhanced therapies using cutting-edge health equipment from the USA and Japan. They aim to do this with their medical expertise and passion for helping patients.

Address: 253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-227 Singapore 600253
Contact: +65 8742 2163
Website: https://www.orientalremediesgroup.com/


Si En TCM Medical Clinic


Si En TCM Medical Clinic is a TCM clinic in Singapore that offers a wide range of traditional Chinese medicine treatments. At Si En TCM Clinic, they are dedicated to giving their patients the best care they can, nourishing and benefiting them. Their highly individualized services, founded on thousands of years of clinical research and Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, distinguish their TCM clinic from others.

They support the body’s innate capacity for healing by using TCM acupuncture, massage, heat cupping, scraping, exercise, and herbal medication. Their methods aid in pain alleviation, recovery, and restoring the body’s essential vitality. They also strengthen the body’s defenses against illness.

All medical professionals in their TCM clinic have been hand-picked for their skills and competence. They are all members of the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB).

Address: Novena Medical Centre #10-28 Singapore 307506
Contact: +65 67766720
Website: https://www.sientcm.com/committed-to-health-care/




Mr. Joseph Liu Bing Qiang conceived and established CMC in 1997. It is the first integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Healthcare Center in Singapore, offering the general public high-quality TCM and healthcare services.

Today, CMC has 12 locations throughout Singapore and a staff of about 100 experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, masseurs, and veterans ready to offer high-quality services in acupuncture, healthcare massage, and Chinese medicine.

Their consumers are connected because of their unique membership system, which allows a straightforward one-time purchase and membership to be shared among several users, despite the outlets being dispersed around Singapore. This system offers their clients a great deal of ease with a daily flow of over 100.

Address: Blk 701A, #02-01 Yishun Ave 5, S761701
Contact: +65 6756 7660
Website: https://www.cmc.sg/


Peace Family TCM Clinic

Peace Family TCM Clinic

A one-stop TCM healthcare and treatment center is Peace Family TCM Clinic. They offer their patients a relaxing medical setting, and all of the clinic’s doctors and medical personnel are skilled and certified. They currently operate five clinics across the entire island.

Information on a patient’s medical history, records, and treatments is stored in a modern computer system. In addition, x-ray and ultrasound services are provided for thorough and effective medical condition diagnosis—herbal medicine powder, tablets, and pills that have received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.

Address: Blk 727 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, #01-4266, S560727
Contact: +65 6513 7167/6552 1677
Website: http://www.singaporetcm.sg/


Bao Zhong Tang – Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre

Bao Zhong Tang

In November 2007, Bao Zhong Tang established its operations at Singapore General Hospital, the country’s largest acute tertiary hospital and national referral center. Since then, Bao Zhong Tang has developed steadily into Singapore’s leading TCM clinic center, providing a wide range of TCM therapies and medical services for their expanding clientele of happy clients while also achieving their mission to be a catalyst for the promotion and development of “Synergy Medicine.”

Since late July 2013, the Bao Zhong Tang TCM Center has relocated outside of SGH as part of its service enhancement. The Novena Specialist Center, at the heart of Health City Novena, an integrated hub jointly constructed by the Ministry of Health, the National Healthcare Group, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, is currently home to the Bao Zhong Tang TCM Center.

Address: Novena Specialist Center, 8 Sinaran Drive, #07-13/14, S307470
Contact: +65 97715236/6327 7866
Website: https://baozhongtang.com.sg/


Enok TCM Clinic

Enok TCM Clinic

The ENOK TCM Clinic holds that balance and harmony within the body are more important to health than the absence of disease. Therefore, our goal is to restore health to patients using traditional Chinese medicine while educating them on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

They offer a thorough TCM treatment based on the doctor’s diagnosis using acupuncture and herbal medicine. These therapies have few adverse effects, are non-invasive, and are pretty successful.

Address: 14 Scotts Road #04-73 Far East Plaza, S228213
Contact: +65 9658 7802
Website: https://www.enokclinic.com/


Annie Tiang TCM Clinic & Surgery

Annie Tiang TCM

Annie Tiang TCM Clinic & Surgery is a clinic that provides traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture services. With over 40 years of experience and more than 100,000 patients serviced, Annie Tiang is a reputable and licensed TCM clinic headquartered in Singapore. They are dedicated to giving you the best medical care possible.

They are sure they can give you complete health and wellness treatment by utilizing their knowledge of acupuncture, orthopedics, TCM, gynecology, and internal medicines.

They are wholly dedicated to offering their patients the absolute finest medical care in a considerate, welcoming, and highly effective manner. Their objective is to grow to be Singapore’s largest TCM clinic, one that values excellence and professionalism highly.

Address: 11 East Coast Road #01-01, Singapore
Contact: +65 63446316 / 67437781
Website: https://annietiang.com/



We hope that this article has given you an idea of what TCM clinics in Singapore have to offer. If you still feel confused about what to choose, then we recommend looking into some of our top picks above. They are all great clinics and offer various services, from acupuncture to herbal medicine, so there is something for everyone!