11 Best Premium Tea Brands Singapore for Luxury Tea

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Singapore has seen an explosion in premium tea brands in the last few years. While many of these were started by local tea enthusiasts, some are owned by foreign companies looking to expand their market share into Asia. Here are 11 premium tea brands that you should try:

Tea Chapter

Tea Chapter

The modest goal of Tea Chapter, a charming Chinese tea shop located in the center of Chinatown, is to spread awareness of the beauty of traditional Chinese tea enjoyment. As the most significant and oldest teahouse in Singapore, Tea Chapter has been devotedly leading a rebirth in Chinese tea culture in an era where the Chinese legacy is steadily fading.

The three-story shophouse welcomes you inside, inviting you into a cozy haven unlike any other. The beautiful Eastern decor and the delicate aroma of carefully brewed tea are sources of its exotic allure. Whether you are a tea connoisseur, trying to reconnect with your Chinese heritage, or seeking a relaxing getaway in our serene sanctum, it is a place for anyone to sample the finest chosen teas.

Address: 9 Neil Rd Singapore 088808
Contact: +65 6226 1175
Website: https://teachapter.com/


The Tea Story


The Tea Story boldly claims that it will transform the tea business and provide extraordinary tea experiences. Their exquisitely produced teas foster positive tea experiences infused with a warm and loving culture. Through their luxurious and unique flavors, they hope to transfer the benevolent energy of tea into your daily life.

Singapore is proud of its brand, The Tea Story. They started their tea company to provide the best organic and loose-leaf teas available worldwide to offer an unmatched tea experience and cherish the lifelong relationships forged over a cup of tea.

Address: Oxley BizHub 1 65 Ubi Road 1, #02-53 Singapore 408729
Contact: +65 6909 5933
Website: https://www.theteastory.co/




The best luxury tea company in the world, TWG Tea, offers more than 800 luxury teas from 36 countries, including innumerable rare teas, all of which are hand-blended in Singapore. TWG Tea, dedicated to providing teas straight from source gardens, has the most extensive collection in the world, featuring premium harvests from every nation that produces tea and unique artisan tea blends. In addition to offering stunning characteristic modern tea accessories, TWG Tea is known worldwide as a real pioneer, developing new tea kinds every season in association with some of the most prestigious estates around the globe.

Website: https://twgtea.com/


Imperial Selections


Established in 2016, Imperial Selections aims to introduce tea’s exquisite experience to the contemporary appreciator. Although many individuals have refined tea tastes, most people cannot afford fine teas very often. Therefore, tea dust is added to whole leaves to enhance their “commercial appeal” by adding flavor and color. Additionally, the cheaper variety of tea bags is packed too closely in filter paper, which results in an inadequate infusion.

Their crew travels far and wide into the mountain region to work directly with tea growers and sources whole tea leaves from specialty plantations worldwide. They accomplish this by continually providing the most fabulous tea at a price that is accessible to everyone.

Address: Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #05-10 AMK Tech II, Singapore 567760
Contact: +65 8606 8432
Website:  https://www.imperialselections.com/


Ette Tea

Ette Tea

ETTE TEA COMPANY, founded in 2014, embodies the company’s ideals: to be a boutique manufacturer of loose gourmet tea and tea bags that are delicious and much more individualized. Tea blending is done initially, emphasizing palate exploration; good tea is balanced with other components to create a unique product. The development of each unique blend involves careful consideration and exact tastings.

They began by selling the original Pandan Chiffon tea from a home kitchenette. Today, they supply cafés and restaurants in Singapore, Brunei, and The Maldives with a fantastic selection of gourmet and artisan tea blends.

Address: 333 Kreta Ayer Road #03-25 Singapore 080333
Contact: +65 6908 5354
Website: https://www.ettetea.com/


Gryphon Tea

Gryphon Tea

The Gryphon Tea Company can trace its roots back to a family-run tea importer established in Singapore about a century ago. A fourth-generation family member went out on his own in 2006, and the business immediately garnered a following for its unconventional ideas and contagious passion. Through online shopping and its network of committed distribution partners, Gryphon Tea’s expanding collection of tea recipes is now accessible to consumers worldwide. This collection has won multiple industry accolades.

Griffin Tea aims to produce the highest-quality gourmet teas for the discriminating tea consumer who is constantly seeking new flavor combinations. Their tea uses unusual and experimental ingredients to create a distinctive and flavorful pedigree. It was built with passion and fueled by its founder’s appreciation for Asia’s rich culinary tradition. Every mix represents their quality dedication since they only utilize the best tea leaves and herbs available worldwide. As a result, every taste will be a high-quality tea experience.

Address: 251 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128431
Website: https://www.gryphontea.com/


Haflong Tea

Haflong Tea

Haflong Tea aims to give a place of calm and happiness inspired by the magnificent hills of Haflong and the evergreen Assam tea estates through the expression of their distinctive and flavorful teas. They specialize in processing hand-selected premium tea leaves from only the finest organic estates worldwide to create rich, aromatic blends.

Haflong Tea is a Singaporean company started by Sharmistha Sen, the CEO and tea sommelier. They collaborate with the top tea masters and gardeners from around the globe, some of whom have 100-year histories. To maintain the flavor and quality of the leaves, they combine intricate, traditional tea-plucking methods with contemporary production procedures to create their artisanal teas.

Website: https://haflongtea.com/


Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company


Single Origin Tea from Sri Lanka, one of the world’s greatest tea-producing nations, is offered by Dilmah, the first producer-owned tea brand to sell tea that has been “picked, refined, and packed” at its origin. Dilmah offered freshly packed tea at its source and was rich in flavor and natural goodness, in contrast to the multi-origin mixes that dominated shop shelves.

Dilmah upholds its tradition. The best Ceylon Teas are chosen by Dilmah, who preserves the history of the island’s long-standing tea business and fosters the artisanal tradition that makes the best Ceylon Teas unquestionably the best in the world.

Address: 19 JalanKilang Barat, #06-01 Acetech CentreSingapore 159361.
Contact: +65 9690 5992
Website: https://www.dilmah.sg/tea-brands/


Pekoe & Imp

Pekoe & Imp

Pekoe & Imp is a premium tea brand in Singapore. Pure, unadulterated teas were the inspiration for the creation of Pekoe & Imp. They look for artisanal tea ware and specialty single-origin teas that they would only use themselves. They connect with like-minded tea lovers through their workshops, pop-ups, and a variety of tea and tea gear. By fusing traditional tea concepts with contemporary realities, they seek to alter your perceptions of how They can enjoy tea.

They choose a variety of single-origin full-leaf teas and handcrafted teaware that they adore because they are passionate about tea and ceramics. In addition, every single artist they collaborate with has used their work, which gives them the confidence to represent them boldly.

Address: 106 Jalan Jurong Kechil Singapore 598604
Website:  https://www.pekoeandimp.com/


Craft Tea Fox

Craft Tea Fox

Craft Tea Fox is a tea shop that sells premium matcha teas. Matcha, one of the most potent superfoods globally, was the result of their hunt for a delicious, healthy beverage. Additionally, it is beautiful. Their actions are motivated by this. They want to make high-quality, healthy Matcha simple and accessible to encourage you to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane Midview City Singapore 573970
Contact: +65 9690 5992
Website: https://craftteafox.co/


Antea Social

Antea Social

Antea Social is a tea company located at 9 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore, 207528. Every enjoyable taste of your tea at Antea Social is the result of their commitment to bringing you the best straight from all across the Orient. Through their tea, they invite you to take your time, live in the moment, boil a cup, and take part in an experience that goes beyond ordinary reality.

They hope you will find some time to re-establish contact with yourself and your loved ones amidst all the clutter in the world today. When possible, they purchase their teas directly from the growers, sharing the growers’ experiences with the consumers.

Address: 9 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207528
Contact: +65 6493 0120
Website: https://www.anteasocial.com.sg/



Tea has become more than just a beverage to quench your thirst. It has been elevated to the status of a luxury good, with many brands offering premium tea that is not only tasty but also offers health benefits. If you’re looking for the best tea in Singapore, these 11 brands will give you some great options!