11 Best Bread Maker Singapore

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If you’re looking for the best bread maker in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tested all kinds of bread makers, from cheap models with only a few features to high-end models that can even make jam and pizza dough. Here are our top picks:

Benefits of a Bread Maker

Homemade bread tastes better than the store-bought variety.

Homemade bread tastes better than store-bought. The difference is in the taste, texture and smell. Homemade bread has a much richer aroma that sets you up for your first bite. Your mouth will water when you inhale the fresh baked scent of homemade bread coming out of your kitchen. The taste of homemade bread is more natural and less processed compared to store-bought loaves. It can be made with whole grains and high quality ingredients that make it healthier as well as tastier than most commercial varieties available at supermarkets today!

Homemade bread doesn’t have many preservatives.

Bread made in a bread machine has fewer preservatives than store-bought bread. Preservatives are chemicals added to food to increase shelf life and prevent spoilage. They can be harmful to your health, and they also tend to make the taste of food worse. This is a good thing if you’re looking for healthier options, but not so much if you like eating preservative-filled foods as often as possible!


1. Rommelsbacher Ba 550 Bread Maker

Rommelsbacher Ba 550 Bread Maker


The Rommelsbacher Ba 550 Bread Maker is a reliable, high-quality product that can be used at home or in commercial kitchens. It’s easy to use and capable of making a wide range of different breads, including gluten-free breads. The machine comes with pre-programmed settings that allow you to make a variety of different types of breads without having to adjust the settings each time, which makes it much easier than using other machines on the market.

The Rommelsbacher Ba 550 Bread Maker is made from high quality materials so it will last for years without any problems. This is especially important when using it at home because you want something that will last over time so you don’t have to buy another machine every few months!


2. Kenwood BM450 Artisan Bread Maker

Kenwood BM450 Artisan Bread Maker

This bread maker is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy homemade bread fast and easily. It comes with 14 different baking modes and it’s also very easy to clean. This model has been designed for baking bread, cakes, cookies, pizzas and more.

You can also use it for baking muffins, brownies and pastries. This machine has a large window so you can see what’s going on inside while you mix your ingredients together before adding them into the main mixing bowl of this machine which measures up at 900ml in capacity (enough space for recipes that require more than one loaf).



3. Kenwood BM250 Breadmaker

Kenwood BM250 Breadmaker

The Kenwood BM250 Breadmaker is a great machine that comes with a 13-hour delay timer, 13-hour bake time and 13-hour keep warm function. With this machine, you can make small loaves of bread in no time at all. You can also make larger loaves but the instruction manual will tell you how much water to add depending on the size of your loaf.

The Kenwood BM250 Breadmaker has auto shut off features which means if it senses something wrong with your machine or ingredients then it will automatically turn itself off before anything bad happens to them. This is great because it prevents accidents from happening as well as making sure that nothing goes wrong during baking process by turning off if there are any problems with ingredients or other parts within your machine such as heating element etc…

This product has an LCD screen which provides information about what stage of baking process is currently being shown along with important information about any issues that may occur during this time period so users know exactly when something goes wrong with their equipment at home including potential problems like overheating or underheating etc…



4. Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker with Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser

Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker with Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser

The Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker with Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser is one of the best bread makers in Singapore. It comes with a whopping 15 pre-programmed automatic settings that allow you to make delicious loafs of bread in just a few steps. With this model, you can also choose from 3 crust shades, as well as use its jam and dough modes.

The panasonic sd-rd250 has an easy-to-use digital display panel, allowing you to monitor the progress of your baking process at all times. It also has an impressive 1kg capacity so you can bake large loaves at once – perfect for big families! The panasonic sd-rd250 even comes with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser so you can add nuts or dried fruits into your mix without having to stop everything and manually do it yourself every time (which would take forever!).



5. Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker

Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker


The Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker is a great choice for those who want to make bread with ease. It has an automatic fruit and nut dispenser that allows you to add ingredients like raisins, nuts and seeds with ease. This bread maker has a 13-hour delay timer which allows you to set the baking time up to 13 hours ahead of time so that your bread will be ready by the time you wake up or come home from work. The nonstick baking pan is removable for easy cleaning, as well as other accessories such as the kneading paddle and dome lid.



6. Zojirushi BB-SSC10WZ Home Bakery

Zojirushi BB-SSC10WZ Home Bakery


  • Easy to use. This bread maker has a simple touch panel with a digital display, so you can easily control your baking process without any complications.
  • Easy to clean. The removable kneading blade on this machine allows you to remove it after each use, which makes cleanup a breeze!
  • Easy to store. It’s also compact enough that you can store this in any corner of your kitchen without taking up too much space or being an eyesore when not in use!

Makes great bread! With three different kneading modes (automatic, semi-automatic and manual), plus four crust shades (light, medium light, medium and dark), there are endless possibilities for making delicious loaves at home with this machine! Whether you’re looking for something soft and chewy or hard crusty goodness – the BB-SSC10WZ Home Bakery has got your back!!



7. Zojirushi BB-KWQ-10 Home Bakery

Zojirushi BB-KWQ-10 Home Bakery

This bread maker is the best for any aspiring baker. It has a wide range of settings, from making sourdough to making gluten free bread, and it comes with easy-to-follow recipes that you can use from day one. This is a solid machine that will last you for years to come, and it’s one of the best sellers on Amazon right now!



8. Zojirushi BB-HAQ-10 Home Bakery

Zojirushi BB-HAQ-10 Home Bakery

The Zojirushi BB-HAQ-10 Home Bakery makes delicious bread that’s easy to eat, easy to make, and even easier to clean.

The machine has a gluten free setting which allows you to bake bread with the right amount of water, flour and yeast needed for gluten free products. It also has a jam setting which automatically controls the kneading process so that you don’t have to worry about over-kneading your dough. The sourdough setting allows you to use wild yeasts from your kitchen instead of commercial yeast packets provided by manufacturers. It comes with an instruction manual containing recipes for both white and whole grain breads; however if you’re looking for some inspiration we recommend checking out our list of best recipes here (https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/food-and-drink/best-breadmaker-recipe).



9. Oster Expressbake Bread Maker

Oster Expressbake Bread Maker

If you’re looking for a compact bread maker that is easy to use, easy to clean, and makes great bread, then look no further. Oster Expressbake Bread Maker is the right choice for you.

It has a wide range of functions including:

  • 3 crust settings: light/medium/dark
  • 13-hour delay timer
  • 2 loaf sizes: 1 pound / 1 kilogram (1 kg = 2 pounds)


10. FRIGIDAIRE Bread Maker Machine

FRIGIDAIRE Bread Maker Machine

The FRIGIDAIRE Bread Maker Machine is a cost-efficient machine that offers high quality results. It comes with three different settings, allowing you to make a variety of breads and pastries. Its large LCD display makes it easy to control the settings and see what stage your bread is at.

This appliance has an automatic fruit and nut dispenser which allows you to add these ingredients without having to open up the lid each time you do so. It also features a kneading blade for perfect dough mixing and shaping, as well as an integrated measuring spoon for convenience.



11. Mayer MMBM4406 Bread Maker

Mayer MMBM4406 Bread Maker

The Mayer MMBM4406 Bread Maker has a 24 hour programmable timer, which allows you to prepare your bread dough in advance.

It also has a 13 hour delay timer, so you can bake your bread at any time of day or night.The 13 hour keep warm timer helps keep your freshly baked bread hot until it’s ready to eat.The 13 hour bake timer helps ensure that the baking process goes smoothly while still giving you plenty of control over when it begins. The 13-hour bake/13-hour keep warm cycle is another option as well as the 13-hour delay/13-hour keep warm cycle.




If you love eating fresh bread, a bread maker is a great investment. Not only are they affordable, but they’re also easy to use and make excellent loaves of bread. Plus, once your machine has finished making your dough, all it takes is a few minutes’ worth of cleanup to have the whole thing back in its box ready for storage.

The machines are designed to make sure you get the best results from your bread-making efforts. Some of them even include timers to help you keep track of when they need to be cleaned so that you don’t miss out on baking time! They’re also equipped with automatic fruit and nut dispensers, which means no more measuring out ingredients by hand before each batch—just throw everything in there and let it do its thing.