20 Best Barbers Singapore for a Sharper and Handsome Look

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Whether you’re looking for a precise haircut or the perfect beard trim, Singapore’s barbershops can handle everything. So, whether you’re a man who wants to get his hair cut or a woman who wants her brows threaded, there’s no shortage of barbers in Singapore. There are so many different barbers in this city that we don’t even know where to start! So here are 20 places that will give your locks and face some love.




Barber25 is a modern men’s grooming concept that combines the best barbering and grooming techniques with traditional barbershop culture. It aims to be the ultimate hub for men looking for high-quality haircuts, shaving services, and beard trims. It offers superior barbering, hairstyling, and head spa services. It was named after the mimetic word “smile” in Japanese. It promises to deliver smiles to customers’ faces through quality customer service. From impeccable hospitality and personalized services to high-level grooming techniques, Barber 25 stays committed to its original concept of “from Japan.” These spas offer authentic Japanese head massages delivered in the comfort of your private spa room by skilled therapists who have over 15 years of experience in their field. They provide authentic Japanese massage using natural ingredients, including raw honey from Japan. Or, if you prefer, they also offer a traditional Indonesian cream bath with a Japanese twist.

Barber25 is a place where men can relax and enjoy the experience of being pampered. The service is provided by professional barbers who have undergone intensive training under renowned international hair stylists. Customers can choose from various services, such as scalp massages, hot towel treatments, and handshakes, at no extra charge.

Address: 6A Shenton Way OUE Downtown Gallery 2 #03-16 Singapore 068815
Contact: +65 6222 7551
Website:  https://www.barber25.net/


Clippers Barber


Clipper Barber is located in the heart of Singapore. They are known for their quality haircuts, beard grooming services, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. They offer a wide range of haircuts, including buzz, fade, crew cut, and many more. Clipper Barbers’ primary focus is to provide their customers with the best grooming experience possible. The barbershop has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes customers feel at home while having a relaxing haircut or getting their beard groomed by one of their skilled barbers who are experienced in providing quality haircuts for all types of hair types, styles, lengths, colors, etc. It is your affordable classic haircut shop with a modern revamp!

They’re a place where customers of all ages can sit back and relax and enjoy a professional haircut at the hands of their experienced barbers, who pride themselves on their great fades and clean cuts.

Address: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #B1-49 AMK Hub Singapore 569933
Website:  https://www.clippers.com.sg/


Jermyn Street


Jermyn Street is a barbershop in Singapore that offers an experience that’s a bit different from the classic barbershop. Located at 108 Amoy St, Singapore 069928, it has a modern take on the traditional look and feel. The shop offers men’s haircuts, shaves, facials, and more—all with professional workers who are talented at what they do.

The Jermyn street team at the flagship club is led by General Manager & Head Barber Adonis (Bibaoui). Chief Executive Officer & Founder Keith Power provides a strategy for The Jermyn group and is responsible for developing the Jermyn Street Brand across the Asia Pacific. Jermyn Street is an excellent place to learn new things and improve your skills. It’s a beautiful working environment where you get paid well and receive respect from everyone. You don’t need to be cheap here, but you must be professional. The atmosphere of Jermyn Street can be described as upscale but relaxed; there’s no rush here! Services are available seven days per week.

Address: 108 Amoy St, Singapore 069928
Contact: +65 6220 4010
Website: https://jermynstreet.com.sg/


Before and After Barber


Before and After Barber is a barbershop it uses classic barbering techniques to offer creative men’s grooming services that are modern and industrial. The shop has a stunning interior with an open space for its customers to enjoy their time there. Located in the central part of Singapore, before and after Barber is your local barbershop offering various modern and innovative services for men’s haircare.

They pride themselves on providing their customers with a wide range of hairstyles, treatments, looks, and valuable products that reflect their individual and personal tastes. Their clients want to look and feel like they’re their best selves. They’ve come to them for their professional haircuts and styling services because they know the offers they cannot match. So, swing by today!

Address: 33 Erskine Rd, #01-12, Singapore 069333
Contact: +65 8833 0003
Website: https://www.beforeandafterbarber.com/


The British Barbers


The British Barbers is a barber shop located in Raffles Place. The shop has a traditional feel to it and a loyal customer following. It is situated on Kreta Ayer Road, one of Singapore’s most popular shopping districts with plenty of high-end boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. This place attracts tourists and locals who want to get a haircut and shave done or enjoy some manly pampering before going out for dinner or drinks at night (it’s not just for men). The staff here offer excellent customer service and great value for money compared to other places nearby – they use top-quality products that don’t leave your hair feeling dry after having your hair styled professionally by one of their talented barbers!

They aim to be one of Southeast Asia’s leading men’s grooming retailers by providing an unforgettable British barbering experience. They want to give their clients the best quality service at affordable prices. They provide first-rate haircutting services and pride themselves in delivering uniquely customized haircuts for their clients. Their specialty is also the trimming of beards. You’re in good hands with their stylists. If you have any concerns regarding their services, don’t hesitate to contact them at info@bba.com.sg. They would be happy to help!

Address: 37A Kreta Ayer Road, S089001, Singapore
Contact: +65 6223 0148
Website: https://bba.com.sg/


Splice Barbershop



Splice Barbershop is one of the city’s most famous barber shops for men. They use traditional and modern techniques to give you the best haircut possible. The Splice story started in 2013 when the Splicers team decided to start a grooming shop for guys called “Splice.” Their flagship store is located at the Suntec City Mall # 01-487 near Tower 1, which they chose because they wanted a central and modern shopping center where their customers lived, worked, and enjoyed. Over the years, complementary products such as unique watches, bowties, neckties, bracelets, socks, and pockets have been brought to build an image specifically for the dapper man.

To complete the dappy man look, good grooming is essential. And so, they’ve included a high-end barbershop within their store, dedicated to providing men with the right gentlemanly haircut at the highest service level.

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-487 (Near Tower 1) Singapore 038983
Contact: +65 8808 9768
Website: https://www.splicebarbershop.com.sg/


©The Golden Rule Barber Co.


If you are looking for a barber in Singapore that knows their craft, then you should check out The Golden Rule Barber Co. This barbershop is located at 66A Race Course Road and has been operating since 2014. It was founded by two friends who shared a passion for men’s grooming, so they decided to open this modern establishment that offers services ranging from haircuts to beard grooming and waxing. The professional barbers here specialize in various hairstyles so that they can serve their client’s needs no matter what kind of look they are going for.

They’ve been taking extra precautions since the coronavirus outbreak began. However, now that the crisis has escalated, they know they must step things up even further. So, they will become certified Barber Cide Certified to provide their clients with the safest haircutting experience possible. They’re offering five haircuts worth up to $200 at discounted prices for six months. Each package is available only at their STUDIO/HQ or WEST outlets. Your first haircut must be booked within six months of purchase.

Address: 66A Race Course Road Level 2 Singapore 218570
Contact: +65 6810 7291
Website: http://www.thegoldenrulebarber.com/


The Mezz


The Mezz is a barbershop located at 13 North Canal Road (Mezzanine Floor) Singapore 048826, which offers various services, including haircuts, beard grooming, and hair coloring. They specialize in men’s haircuts and have an ever-changing list of special offers on their website. You get to try out a new style at no extra charge. They’re offering a special event called “The Mezz” for people who have been part of their community for some time now. It’s for celebrating friendships that have helped them get here. And it’s for honoring those who have joined them recently.

At the Mezz, they offer an elevated grooming and lifestyle experience unlike any other. They’re here for their clients, whether they need a quick haircut or a quick meeting.

Address: 13 North Canal Road (Mezzanine Floor) Singapore 048826
Contact: +65 6223 1663
Website: https://www.themezz.sg/


Kings Barber


Kings Barber is an American barbershop located at12 Boon Teck Road, #01-01 Shaw Corner, Singapore 329586. The shop was established in 2015 and offered various services, including haircuts, beard trims, and facials. Its mission is to provide high-quality barbering services and products at affordable prices. They don’t follow trends blindly; they always look for ways to improve themselves and their service. It doesn’t matter if it’s a haircut, a luxury shave, or just a trim; they’re here to help!

Kings Barber is open every day except on Sundays. They also offer services for both men and women – you can get your haircut or beard trimmed there if you’re looking for hair styling tips from women’s salons in Singapore! As well as this option is available for both sexes, Kings Barber also offers facials and manicures, so whether it’s just getting rid of some unwanted facial hair or having some pampering done after having had a stressful week at work (or even just wanting something new), they’ve got everything covered!

Address: 2 Boon Teck Road, #01-01 Shaw Corner, Singapore 329586
Contact: +65 8781 7032
Website: https://kingsbarber.com.sg/


The Good Guys barbershop


The Good Guys barbershop has been in the business for many years. It is located at 47 Rowell Road, SINGAPORE 207997. The Good Guys Barbershop was founded by a group tired of their day jobs but wanted to create a place where everyone could come in and enjoy the service they deserved. The Good Guys barber shop has its main outlet right in the heart of Little India, one of the most vibrant and busy neighborhoods in Singapore. It’s packed full of delicious local cuisine and culture.

All the barbers at The Good Guys are experienced and well-trained from different institutes and masters worldwide.

Address: 47 Rowell Road, SINGAPORE 207997
Contact: +65 8661 9609
Website:  https://www.thegoodguysbarber.com/


Empire of Steel


Empire of Steel is a modern barbershop focusing on hair design and grooming. Located at 6 Shenton Way #03-19, OUE Downtown 2, Singapore 068809 offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, shaves, scalp treatments, hot towel treatment, and more. Their products range from L’Oreal to Matrix to Schwarzkopf and Redken. They use high-quality products that are customized to suit each client’s needs. Their friendly staff will happily guide you through the process before giving you advice on how to care for your new cut or shaved hair at home!

Empire of Steel was first started by a young aspiring barbershop owner named Sean Ong. He graduated from the Vidal Sassoon Academy in the US, California and had over ten years of experience at his previous shop. At Empire of Steel, they firmly believe that shapes are the fundamental building blocks of any haircut. Therefore, their focus lies on creating a unique shape for each customer so that their haircuts are tailor-made. Empire of Steel is an upstart barbershop that strives to be different from other barbershops by focusing on suitability rather than trends. They believe that when men look good, they feel better.

Address: 6 Shenton Way #03-19, OUE Downtown 2, Singapre 068809
Contact: +65 8908 1219
Website: https://empireofsteel.sg/


Bodega Pte. Ltd.


The Bodega barbershop is a small, intimate barbershop with a welcoming atmosphere. It has been offering traditional wet shaving services, haircuts, and beard trims since its opening in 2018. A bodega is a small grocery store near a neighborhood’s main street. It offers everything from fresh produce to packaged goods to household items. Inspired by these stores, Bodega Barbershop aims to provide its clients with high-quality haircuts and beard trims at affordable prices. Founded by Amirul, Ahmad Syahami and Taufiq Yusoff in 2018. Bodega was established based on the three founders’ shared interests in barbering, their lives, and business. In 2019 Bodeiga added another member who specializes in marketing.

In addition, Bodega has collaborated with several organizations to bring about different events, including Airbnb, Muslim Youth Forum, and Beyond Social Services. BODEGA was also featured in reputable websites such as Halalzilla & The Everday people. Their highly skilled stylists use top-quality products and tools to ensure that you leave looking sharp. The barbershop also offers other aesthetic services, such as facials and massages, but they specialize in men’s grooming.

Address: 4 Lor Telok, #03-01, Singapore 049017
Website: https://bodeigabarbershop.com/




Located in the heart of Singapore, AUTOCUTT BARBERSHOP is a barbershop that has been around for many years. The barbers are very professional and have worked with numerous celebrities such as Mr. Chris Seow, Alvin Lee, Boon Koh, and many others. They are open 24 hours a day, so you can always get your haircut whenever you want! The shop itself is immaculate, and they have good hygiene standards too! They also offer a wide variety of services, including hair styling, beard grooming, and eyebrow threading, to name a few! They provide classic haircuts at their vintage-style barbershop. Their shop is decorated with antique motorcycles and vintage car signs. After a haircut from them, you’ll smell fresh with their signature scent.

Address: 47 Tanglin Halt Rd #01-313 Singapore 141047
Contact: +65 9186 1233
Website: https://www.autocutt.com/


James Barker Barber


James Barker Barber is a barbershop in Singapore that offers haircuts, beard trims, and head/face massages. James Barker Barber prides itself on its high-quality services and products. The barbershop is located at Marina Bay Link Mall, with many other shops are popular among adults and children who want a haircut or purchase men’s products like beard oil, mustache wax, and pomade. They’ve been cutting men’s hair, so they’re proud to offer an exclusive barbering experience tailored specifically for men who appreciate quality service and value their time. So, whether you’re looking for a classic barbering experience or a stylish new haircut, their expert barbers will help you achieve your desired look using traditional barbering techniques that they’ve honed over the years.

James Barker Barber also has an online store where you can buy these products if you don’t want to go out of your way to find them elsewhere.

Address: Marina Bay Link Mall | 8A Marina Boulevard #B2 -79 Singapore 0189884
Contact: +65 8323 8280
Website: https://www.jamesbarkerbarber.com/




Rogue & Beyond is a barbershop that offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, beard trims, and hot towel shaves. Rogue & Beyond is located at Telok Ayer – 147A Telok Ayer St. 068606 and operates seven days a week from 9 am to 7 pm. It specializes in men’s haircuts and is all about modern classics infused with effortless style. They pride themselves in creating the ultimate look for each guy and believe that good technique is the foundation of a man’s perfect cut. Before starting any haircut, they study your face shape and facial structure so that they can create an amount that suits your unique personality. They then consider your lifestyle and preferences when designing your new hairdo.

Contact: +65 8298 7488
Website: https://www.rogueandbeyond.com/


Hombre Barbers


Hombre Barbers is a premium barbershop with a relaxed vibe, great music, and a welcoming environment. It’s the perfect place to get a haircut, beard trim, or shave. It specializes in men’s haircuts and grooming services at affordable prices. It’s in an easy-to-find location with convenient hours, and they also offer free parking for customers! Established in 2016, Hombre Barbershop is a neighborhood barbershop located in Eunos. They provide traditional services and do them well. So please make an appointment now and enjoy a tailored haircut from one of their excellent barbers.

Address: 228 Changi Rd, #01-04 (419741)
Contact: +65 8750 9301
Website: https://hombrebarbersg.com/




Premium Barber is a modern barbershop focusing on men’s grooming and lifestyle. It’s located in the heart of the taxi stand at Seah Street and Beach Road; walk into the second floor of Raffles Hotel Arcade, and the store will be just across the street. They will take extra precautions to ensure that they keep you safe from coronavirus by maintaining high standards of sanitation, hygiene, and health among their staff. In addition, they will provide a reliable technique for Japanese people to the working class in Malaysia. Hairdressers with a national hairdressing license offer a wide range of shaving, manicure, pedicure, facial care, head massage, and men’s haircut.

At Premium Barber, they believe that men deserve to be treated like kings! Therefore, they offer custom services such as hair coloring and waxing. The ambiance is relaxing and welcoming, with great music playing in the background. The staff members are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and committed to providing excellent service every time you visit them!

Address: North Bridge Road,Unit #02-38, Singapore 188719
Contact: +65 6250 3481
Website: https://www.premiumbarber.com/


LA Barbershop


LA Barbershop is a hipster barbershop that offers a range of services, from haircuts, beard grooming, and styling to hair coloring. What sets them apart from other barbers is that they provide a range of craft beers and whiskeys for you to enjoy while waiting for your appointment. It is a concept store by the Japanese company Komar Group. They are among the first few brands in Los Angeles to offer an exclusive grooming service for men, from shaves to haircuts, massages, and ear cleaning services. LA Barbershop strives to create an atmosphere where men feel nostalgic for the old days when they gathered at barber shops to talk about anything from business to sports to politics while enjoying having their hair cut by a professional man. They also have a loyalty program where you can get one free haircut after every 10th haircut. Their barbers are highly trained and experienced, so rest assured that your haircut will be done right!

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-58 JurongPoint Singapore 648886
Contact: +65 6253 2070
Website: https://labarbershop.com.sg/


Tux Barbers Inc


Tux Barbers Inc is a modern barbershop that offers men’s grooming services. The shop is located at 1 Raffles Place, #05-06 One Raffles Place Shopping Mall, Singapore, 048616, and has an extensive range of hair products and accessories. Since he started his career, Kie has always been dedicated to providing the best for men. He believes that grooming is an art and that one can only develop their skills through passion. “To look the best you can, you must be a work of art,” he says. “Let me show you.” A luxurious experience. Traditional hot towel sensation. To provide the most paginating experience and comfortable shave for men. To customize the best style in beard sculpting for men while providing a relaxing experience.

Tux Barbers Inc is another excellent option for men seeking high-quality barbering services at reasonable prices; this one-stop shop offers haircutting services with hair washing and styling ($68). They also do beard shaping for $58 per session only if necessary after each haircut session where needed with any type/length of facial hair – no need any more worry about keeping your face shaved when visiting Tux Barbers Inc because they’ll take care of everything else too while they’re busy working on your hair instead; tell them what length you want beforehand so that they can make sure their customers will get what they want out there looking good too!”

Address: 1 Raffles Place, #05-06 One Raffles Place Shopping Mall, Singapore, 048616
Contact: +65 9728 7052
Website:  https://tuxbarbers.com/


Truefitt and Hill


Truefitt & Hill is a barbershop located in Singapore. It is a high-end barbershop that offers luxury services such as hair styling products, men’s grooming services, and more. Their barbers and specialists cater to the exacting standards set by London’s gentlemen when vanity was an essential part of their daily routine. Their traditional hot towel wet shave is the ultimate experience for men who want to relax and enjoy their time at the barbershop. It includes a full body massage from head to toe. It is rated the best barbershop in Singapore by many critics because they offer top-quality staff and hair styling products along with its other services.

Address: 9 Ann Siang Road,Singapore 069690
Contact: +65 6223 5263
Website: https://www.truefittandhill.com.sg/



The Barber is a true artist, able to give you the perfect haircut and style. They’re also great listeners, and understand that not everyone wants the same thing from their hair. The best barbers have an incredible eye for detail, but also consider your needs as an individual.


We took all of these factors into account when compiling our list of the 20 best barbershops in Singapore—and we think you’ll agree with us when you see them!