Moving to Gold Coast: Why should I move to the Gold Coast?

Relocating to Gold Coast

About the City

Gold Coast is located in Queensland, approximately 69 kilometers south of Brisbane. It is the sixth largest city in Australia. The name “Gold Coast” came into use during the 1950s when real estate speculators and journalists started referring to the southern Coast of Queensland as the Gold Coast.

The local authorities adopted the name “Punta del Este,” and the expansion of beaches and accommodations in the 1950 and 1960s made the area one of South America’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Gold Coast covers an area of 441 km² and has a total length of 56 km of coastline. It has a current resident base of 543,000 residents and is the second largest city in Queensland after Brisbane. Its cultural diversity is reflected by the fact that 35 percent of its residents were born outside Australia.

The Gold Coast region has many plants, animals, and wildlife. Research conducted by the City Council’s Nature Conservancy Strategy shows that the Gold Coast is exciting biologically. It includes mountains, forests, beaches, lakes, and rivers. Many bird species, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals live there.


The climate in Gold Coast is warm year-round.

Many expatriates move to Gold Coast because of its tropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 22°C (72°F). In addition, it receives approximately 287 sunny days per year.

Gold Coast has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year, but the summers can be pretty hot. However, gold Coast doesn’t experience extreme weather conditions, unlike most parts of Australia.

Visas for Australia

There are different types of visas available and yo can apply for permanent residents of Australia. Skilled Independent Migration (SIM) is the most common type, which allows skilled migrants to come to Australia without sponsorship from an Australian company. Other visa options are for entrepreneurs, investors, and family members of existing Australian citizens.

Australia also offers retirement visa programs for retirees who meet specific requirements. These include having an annual income of AUD 65,000 (or 50,500 USD) and owning property worth at least AUD 750,000 (or 500,000 AUD).

Why choose Gold Coast, Australia?

The Gold Coast is on the top list of Australia’s most exciting and prosperous cities, with about 500,000 residents and millions of visitors annually.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s largest non-capital city and the sixth-largest city in Australia. We are a part of the region with the fastest population growth in the nation, and tens of thousands of people relocate here yearly from other states and abroad. It’s a lovely place to live, and Gold Coast, Australia. 

Places of Worship

The Gold Coast is a multicultural, modern city where daily visitors and residents come from all over. The quantity and variety of nearby churches, mosques, temples, and other houses of worship evidence this diversity. Please take a look at our list of places of worship.

Gold Coast Culture

During the 1980s and early 1990s, many Gold Coast residents cried, “Culture? What culture,” but times have changed. Given that there are no opera houses or stone buildings in the area, most well-regarded musicians, dancers, and artists choose to perform in Brisbane instead of the Coast.

Dog Exercise Areas

The Gold Coast City Council offers designated dog exercise areas in its parks, foreshores, and beaches. These locations frequently have facilities just for your dog and have been created to meet the recreational needs of dog owners throughout the community.

Schools and Education

For many families, especially those moving to a new area, education is a crucial factor. As a result, the number and caliber of schools, both public and private, have significantly increased along with the Gold Coast’s rapid population growth. View a directory of educational institutions on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Geography

You don’t need a Ph.D. in geology to realize that the Gold Coast has a lot of beaches, but you might need to be made aware of the process by which these beaches, the region’s mountains, national parks, swamps, and plains, were created. You desire a technical analysis.


Gold Coast City Council

Residents and visitors of the Gold Coast are subject to three levels of bureaucracy: local, state, and federal. The federal government oversees significant highways and the military, while the state leads the police and hospitals. ).

Healthcare Services

Many public and private facilities on the Gold Coast are dedicated to the growing healthcare sector. More than 450 general practitioners, 250 specialists, and 130 dental practices support four private and two public hospitals and a variety of specialty medical services.

Sporting Facilities

The Gold Coast is the home to more than 300 sports clubs, sports training facilities for the Australian Institute of Sport, more than 14 significant professional sports complexes, eight aquatic centers, 50 golf courses, several marinas, football stadiums, and almost every other sporting organization known to humankind.

Suburb Profiles

On the Gold Coast, there are more than 50 suburbs, and more are being built annually to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. The population of the Gold Coast is currently over 575,000 and is increasing every day by a large number.


Everyone will have a unique list of “must-haves” for their new home about specific items. Typically, the top two issues are finding work and affording a home. The absence of noise, good schools, accessibility to public transportation, nearby shops, and amenities like parks and playgrounds are just a few additional considerations.


There is no denying that markets have been growing across the nation. The good news is that Gold Coast real estate has a lower starting point than that of other states. So it’s a win-win if you come from somewhere like Sydney or Melbourne. The median cost of a home in August 2021 was $787,000, while the median price of a condo was $496,000. Depending on your needs and the area you’re considering, there may still be deals available. However, if you’re considering beachside living, be prepared to pay significantly more for a property closer to the beach.


Three hundred thirty-one thousand three hundred people had jobs in Gold Coast SA4 as of March 2021. According to the Gold Coast City Council, the three most common professions were professionals, technicians and tradespeople, and clerical and administrative staff.


The Gold Coast is home to numerous educational institutions. The city meets various educational needs for the entire family with a mixture of private and independent schools, state schools, and two on-campus universities. The nearest school to your home will be where your child attends state-run, free public schools in Queensland, which are determined by catchment areas. Visit the Queensland Department of Education’s Catchment Map to find out what size you are in for state schools. Many parents base their choice on how well a school performs. Visit the My School website to check a school’s results and NAPLAN scores.

The price of education varies depending on the school. State schools provide tuition-free education; however, there will typically be additional costs for extracurricular activities. Private schools come in many different forms, including Steiner and Montessori, to name a couple.


There are typically 245 days of pleasant, sunny weather on the Gold Coast each year, so winter is (not) approaching. The typical temperature in the summer ranges from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. Although it frequently cools off with a pleasant afternoon breeze, summer can be humid. Sunny days are followed by mild evenings in the spring and fall, so an outdoor recreation is always an option. Unless you consider a cold daytime temperature of 21°C, winter never arrives in the Goldie. Even though there is typically less rain and humidity, it is still a pleasantly warm temperature.


Traveling to and around

Since the Gold Coast has a robust public transportation system, getting around without a car is simple. The light rail runs from Helensvale to South Broadbeach; a subsequent extension to Burleigh will start operating in the coming months and will continue to the airport within the following five years.

Experiencing a Move to the Gold Coast: What to Expect

  • People will refer to “togs,” or swimmers, and you won’t know what they mean.
  • The same is true for potato scallops, a deep-fried potato.
  • You buy lunch at the tuck shop, and a school bag is called a port. Copy?
  • You’ll assume going to the beach in June is entirely normal. You can swim with some manta rays, turtles, and coral fish at some of our great diving sites.
  • Hundreds of boutiques like Peony Swimwear, Le Salty Label, Grace Loves Lace, Dylan Kain, Rhythm, Jaymes Swimwear, Outland Denim, Nine Lives Bazaar, and Spell And The Gypsy Collective calling the Gold Coast home; we have a thriving fashion industry.
  • We also have some of Australia’s best new shopping centers, including Pacific Fair (400 stores), Robina Town Center (400 shopping, dining, leisure, and entertainment options), and Harbour Town (premium outlet shopping center, offering discounted prices on all your favorite retail brands).
  • You’ll believe a devil animal is living in your backyard while lying in bed at night. Unfortunately, you’ll discover it was just a curlew, bat, possum, or next-door cat.
  • People from your hometown want to visit you, so your new house is the preferred location for all reunions, get-togethers, and catch-ups.
  • Unfortunately, daylight savings time will disappear.
  • We also have a tram that travels from Helensvale (on the north gold coast) to Broadbeach. Work is being done to extend it to Burleigh Heads and, ultimately, the Coolangatta airport.
  • You’ll grow fond of Queenslander homes for their innovative architecture and charming charm.
  • Your place of residence will define you (the real estate hot potato of North vs. South Gold Coast).
  • Pretty much the entire year, you’ll eat tropical fruit here.
  • You’ll discover that the hinterland is just as picturesque as the beach, if not more so, and that the serene rainforest is only a 30-minute drive away.
  • Almost year-round, swimming is an option, and it’s possible to live on a beach.
  • Your puffer jacket from Kathmandu won’t ever be necessary again.
  • Sand will get all over you. You won’t even be angry, either.
  • It can rain in the summer. Clear skies characterize winter.
  • On the Gold Coast, the average cost of a home is only $630,000, and the weekly rent is typically $485.
  • You’ll constantly think, “Beautiful one day, perfect the next.”
  • There are beaches here just for your dog. Yes, it’s exactly what you pictured—a lovely beach with many dogs running around. For dog lovers, it is heaven.
  • You won’t want to leave at any point; that much is certain.