Moving to Adelaide – Tips on moving to Australia’s second-largest city

About Adelaide

Adelaide is located in southern Australia, near the coast. It has an estimated population of around 1.2 million people.

Of this populace, nearly 30% are foreign-born, generating a vast and varied group of expat and immigrant communities and a welcoming and lively mix of cultures for anybody considering relocating to Adelaide. This is particularly true for expatriates from the United Kingdom, as 10% of the town’s populace comprises British-born migrant workers. The city is likewise an excellent location to reside throughout retirement, as it is in the highest percentages list of retirees of any of Australia’s major cities. Nevertheless, not every person planning to relocate to Adelaide after retiring is likely to satisfy the stringent requirements set out by the Australian government (as reviewed in greater depth below) for immigration purposes.

Visas for Australia

Suppose you want to move to Adelaide from outside of South Australia. In that case, you’ll need to follow the country’s rules on immigration, which are usually considered strict compared to most other countries.

You must meet specific requirements to obtain a permanent visa to reside and study in Australia. These include:

It would help if you were under 50 years old.

You need to write well in English.

Applicants must be in good health.

Applicants must demonstrate skills that match the job requirements listed above.

If the candidate meets the required criteria, they will receive a certain number of “points” depending on their age, education level, etc.

However, only some people who move to Australia will want to stay permanently. There are several different visa options available for people who move here temporarily, including some allowing them to live contently and work in Australia without having to apply for a visa. An overview of these visas, as well as an interactive tool to help decide on the best option, can be found on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s website.


The Climate in Adelaide

Because of its location near the bottom of Australia, Adelaide has Mediterranean-type weather. As a result, it gets boiling during summer, and there are extended periods without rain.

On average, during the hot season, temperatures come in at around 28 degrees Celsius, with low temperatures averaging about 16 degrees Celsius and high temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees Celsius. During the cold season, the average temperatures come in at around 16 degrees Celsius, with high temperatures averaging about 30 degrees Celsius and low temperatures reaching about 8 degrees Celsius.

Benefits of Relocating to Adelaide

Wonderful warm weather

South Australia has a Mediterranean-style climate with long, hot summers (between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius) and mild winters (between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius). Although there are typically 2500 hours of gorgeous sunshine each year, you won’t have to worry about the humidity that other Australian cities experience.

From December through to March, summer is the hottest and driest time of year. The month with the most rain has an average of 11 days in July, whereas January only experiences rain for 3–4 days on average. Despite this, January has a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day and 182 hours overall.

Several excellent options for properties.

You should consult local letting and buying agents if you are considering moving to South Australia and want to know the cost, availability, and type of available properties. However, it may be an excellent time to buy in Adelaide, given the booming real estate market and potential for future profit.

Adelaide’s city center may be better suited to life for students, older independents, or people looking to live happily and work in a place with a contemporary urban pace. Families may prefer some of the more remote areas of South Australia, or they may base themselves there. Rents are about 45% less than in Sydney. Families who want to experience Adelaide but do not live in the city center may find it ideal to look into purchasing a home in one of the many suburbs.

Property values are lower than in places like New South Wales. In comparison to $1,128,000 in Sydney and $806,000 in Melbourne, the median home price was $620,000 in April 2022. However, you can find much better value in the suburbs than at those average city prices. Real estate outside of Adelaide is even more affordable, with a median price for regional homes of just $324,708. South Australia can provide the ideal balance of living and work for anyone relocating from the UK to Australia.

Beach, sand, and surf

You can’t think of Australia without envisioning a life spent taking advantage of its breathtaking beaches, and Adelaide and South Australia’s beaches will not let you down. The beaches in Adelaide and the rest of South Australia will be enjoyable for you. They all score highly for accessibility, cleanliness, and safety, and fantastic scenery is assured with various large and small beaches.

If you enjoy water sports, residing in South Australia and Adelaide is ideal. Additionally, families and individuals frequently take pleasure in the scenery and change of pace that can be found while unwinding on one of the many beaches. While some beaches offer a more secluded experience that is difficult to find at the more well-known Australian beaches like Bondi Beach, others offer a more cosmopolitan, crowded experience.

You have the option. Getting to the beach from the city center is as simple as taking a tram or going on a lovely nature walk.

Alternatively, you could savor the outstanding seafood restaurants and construct a sandcastle that will make your British relatives green with envy. Finally, remember to check out Henley beach when you call Adelaide or its suburbs home; it is unquestionably a must-see location.

Welcoming cities, towns, and suburbs to relocate to Adelaide.

Even though Adelaide is where 70% of South Australians reside, many other excellent options exist.

Wallaroo, a port town on the Yorke Peninsula, is famous for its historic copper mining industry. It is one of the small communities known as “Little Cornwall,” with fewer than 5,000 people, and is located just 100 miles northwest of Adelaide. So if you’re looking to relocate somewhere that reminds you of home, you might want to look at Wallaroo. It has numerous small towns with lots to see and do and a beautiful sandy beach.

Of course, there are plenty of nearby suburbs, such as Elizabeth North, Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth, and the serene Thompson Beach, that offer excellent opportunities to enjoy living and working in South Australia. There are other towns to pick from, including Port Augusta.


fantastic career

Work-life balance and a relaxed way of life are made possible by living in Adelaide and other parts of South Australia. Many people opt to reside outside of the city center, and a brief commute is necessary if you want to take the advantage of the advantages of less expensive housing. Living near the coast or in the eastern suburbs and commuting to work is a standard option. When you get home, you can take advantage of all the smaller neighborhoods because this can be completed quickly—in less than an hour. Many different industries in Adelaide offer a variety of job opportunities. Being an expat makes it a little more challenging to get a foot in the door, but the more diverse your skill set and the more determined you are, the better your chances of success.

The automotive industry is the second-largest sector of the economy, right after the health and social care sectors. The visa application process will be easier to follow if you have employer support and a job to go to. If you need a position when you first move, the local newspaper, which posts numerous job listings, can be helpful.

opportunities for instruction and training

The best educational facilities in Australia are found in Adelaide and surrounding South Australia. Australia’s commitment to high-quality education is evident throughout South Australia, in both public and private schools, primary through senior, universities, and training facilities. As a result, compared to international league tables, Australia provides exceptional educational opportunities.

Families with young children who relocate to Adelaide or South Australia will benefit from a world-class education and raise their kids to succeed in the future. For those looking to expand their skill set, there are numerous opportunities for further education and vocational training.

Art and culture Gallery

Art galleries, like the magnificent Art Gallery of South Australia and the Australian Space Discovery Centre, offer a family-friendly experience with many fantastic exhibits and experiences that will give families and lone visitors a wealth of cultural affairs at all levels.

The exciting locations in South Australia offer a wealth of historic structures and cultural backgrounds to discover. Discovering South Australia’s migration history through the Migration Museum’s real-life stories of individuals and communities is a must-do.

The best restaurants and food in Australia.

Food from various nations and cultures is undoubtedly plentiful. The best restaurants and eateries in Australia can be found in South Australia and Adelaide. There are opportunities to sample delicacies from all over the world and cater to every budget thanks to fresh produce from the country’s fertile soil and seafood from the nearby waters of Australia. So whether you want to celebrate in style, go out to bars, or enjoy pastries or pizza, these foods are available.