14 Best Gaming Chairs Australia For All Budget

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Gaming chairs are the new trend, and they’re not going anywhere. So if you want to be ahead of the curve and get some serious game time in, this article will help you find your next gaming chair.


ALFORDSON Gaming Chair with Massage and 150° Recline

ALFORDSON Gaming Chair

Heavy duty all metal frame racer, durable to ride, broader and taller backrest in an s curve design, better weight distribution, generous whole piece molding, highly resilient foam paddings, extra comfortable, up to 150 back recline adjustability, able to lock the reclination position as your wish, detachable and height-adjustable neck cushion, retractable padded footrest, premium universal wheels, smoothly 360 swivel, deluxe pp plastic armrests with pad, comprehensive and supportive, steady chrome base, not as easy as a plastic base to get dirt.



DXRacer G Series Modular Heavy Duty Support up to 200KG

DXRacer G Series Modular

The chair has a high back with a headrest and lumbar support, so you can sit comfortably while gaming without worrying about back pain.

A unique style is suitable for all environments and occasions, including home, office, gaming, and more. To ensure a comfortable experience, an ergonomic and high backrest filled with high-quality mold shaping foams and elastic leather cover design allows your head, back, and hips to be supported correctly. Armrests, tilt rocking capability, adjustable angular backrest, and height-adjustable are also included.



Furb Gaming Office Chair Executive Computer RGB LED Light 7-Point Massage

Furb Gaming Office Chair

The Furb Gaming Office Chair Executive Computer RGB LED Light 7-Point Massage with 5 Modes Function Seat Footrest Ergonomic Support Blue is an excellent gaming chair and can be used for work.

  • This gaming chair is made of premium PVC fabric, with a smooth & sleek touch that you’ll love this comfort.
  • And the head cushion support relieves your neck from a long time occurring pressure.
  • The retractable footrest allows your legs to rest well when lying on the high back.
  • The premium gas lift will enable you to adjust a height that you’re comfortable with.


Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair Racing Office Ergonomic Computer

Flash Furniture X10 Gaming

If you are a hardcore gamer, you need an office chair that can withstand the rigors of marathon gaming sessions. A couch may feel comfortable, yet you need proper seating while holding the controller. This high-back racing chair provides ample cushioning with a wingback-style backrest to support your body. The padded armrests offer a comfortable resting position while gripping the controller and relieve pressure off the shoulders and neck. If you’re playing on your computer and wish to get closer to the screen, the arms flip backward to pull you under the desk without changing the seat height.



Advwin Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

Advwin Gaming Chair Racing

To make it easier for everyone to enjoy a lovely & comfortable home, they are always happy to deliver a professional and friendly after-sales service. A racing-style gaming chair, whether it’s used for intensive gaming sessions, climbing the leaderboard, or long working hours, can provide an immersive game experience. The segmented cushion design provides high-profile support at the time and location you need it most. Adjustable headrest + lumbar support pillow to better protect your neck and back, help you relax, and relieve stress. It is also fitted with an expandable footrest to provide all-around comfort.



ALFORDSON Gaming Office Chair with 12 RGB LED Lights & 8 Point Massage

ALFORDSON Gaming Office

This is a gaming chair with 12 RGB LED lights and 8 points of massage to ensure that you are fully relaxed as you game.

The Alfordson Supreme LED & Massage Gaming Office Chair is born for severe gamers and savvy working executives who love the adrenaline of residing in an ergonomic gaming chair. Their all-metal frame racing chair is the ultimate for mover and shaker like yourself.

Crafted with innovation in mind, their all-metal frame racer chairs make the gaming experience more comfortable and enjoyable.



Furb Gaming Office Chair Executive Computer Racing Chair 

Office Chair Executive Computer

The Furb Gaming Chairs are perfect for gamers who want to enjoy a comfortable experience and inspire moods to get into it when playing games.

As well as add a gaming style to your room.

  • This Gaming chair is made of high-quality PVC fabric, with a soft and sleek touch that you’ll love this comfort.
  • And the head cushion supports to relieve your neck from long-time existing pressure.
  • The retractable footrest allows you to relax your legs while sitting on the High-Back.
  • The premium gas lift will enable you to adjust a height that you’re comfortable with.


Gaming Chair, HEYMIX Ergonomic Computer Office Chair Heavy Duty Game Computer Chair

HEYMIX Ergonomic Computer

This chair is an excellent option for an ergonomic gaming chair with a modern style and looks great in any room. A perfect ergonomic chair They present you with a rotating gaming chair and a swivel chair with a racing car seat design.

  • 360-degree swiveling wheels and chairs can be more flexible in workstations.
  • Easy installation, office chairs can take about ten minutes to set up.
  • Each part of this wheelchair can be adjusted to your height and body.
  • Supports lumbar and long footrest.


Gaming Chair with Footrest, Ergonomic Office Chair

Pink Gaming Chair Ergonomic

The stylish gaming chairs come with a sturdy 5-star base. They also have an adjustable rotation function that lets you move freely in front of your desk. The high armrests can support your wrists using the mouse or keyboard, and the high backrest supports your neck and head. To keep you comfortable, they’re designed with ergonomically curved seats and contoured arms.

  • Stylish Design
  • 360° Flexible swivel
  • Linkage Armrest
  • Adjustable
  • Retractable Footrest
  • Ergonomic Design


AUSELECT Ergonomic Gaming Chair Computer Office Chair Heavy Duty Game Computer Chair

AUSELECT Ergonomic Gaming

The upgraded material is softer and more comfortable, providing a superior gaming experience. Anti-Collapse Sponge Seat Cushion. The density is 20% higher, so you get a better gaming experience. Also, 7cm lift up and down, 30° left, and proper rotation, all is to find your most comfy position for your elbow—more pure nitrogen; Upgraded thick gas lift.



AhaTech Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Footrest Recliner

AhaTech Ergonomic Gaming

The chair tilt and raise levers are found on the right, underneath the chair, and the padded armrests are designed to relieve stress on your elbows. The game chair features a 155-degree tilt with infinite angle locking so that you can find the perfect position. Adjustable lumbar and head pillows give you the support you need during long hours in any game, and the extendable footrest lets you take your feet off the desk and relax. With a 300-pound weight capacity, this AHA Tech gaming chair helps you bring an excellent game experience to every game.



Gaming Chair Office Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

Gaming Chair Office Chair

Professional computer racing-style gaming chair provides you with an immersive experience. You customized soft leather with modern colors. The high back design and free locking attract attention! With 180° backward tilt adjustability + sturdy chrome-plotted base support + telescopic footrest, you can lay your feet down, release the pressure, and enjoy a complete experience. Whether it’s long hours of work, playing games, napping, or relaxing, it’s all for you, freely adjusting seats + 4D surround armrests, lumbar pillow, + headrests too!



ALFORDSON Ergonomic Office Chair with Massage, Footrest, and 150° Recline

ALFORDSON Ergonomic Office

They know how important it is to get a comfortable chair to sit on for eight hours daily when working from home during rough periods.

The massage office chair is revolutionalized for serious gamers and savvy working executives to relieve lumbosacral fatigue and neck pain. With five different massage modes in 3 intensity levels, the massage executive chair helps reduce lumbar and shoulder fatigue.



Artiss Deluxe Leather Recliner | Adjustable Gaming Chair | Black & Red

Artiss Deluxe Leather

Enjoy gaming in cinema style with their Artiss Gaming Console Chair. Richly padded and upholstered with high-quality PU leather, the chair looks and feels like it belongs in the gold class. The reclining chair is a comfortable armchair in an upright position, while the backrest and footrest can easily be adjusted to your desired angle. The backrest features a wide and spacious design with cushioned lumbar and a headrest to support the whole body and head. It is more prominent and softer than the more common racing-style gaming chairs.




A good gaming chair can make a world of difference regarding your overall experience. So if you’re looking for the best options, this list is worth checking out!