12 Best Ceiling Fans Australia To Cool Your Home with Style and Aesthetic

Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by HR Editorial Team

Ceiling fans are one of the most commonly used appliances in a home. They provide great cooling and help make the house more comfortable. Ceiling fans also help lower energy bills by circulating warm air down from the ceiling and cooler air up from below.


USOR 52″ Ceiling Fan with Light Remote Control

USOR 52 Ceiling Fan

The USOR 52″ Ceiling Fan with Light Remote Control, DC Motor Outdoor LED Modern Smart Ceiling Fans, Wood Walnut Blades, and Noiseless Reversible 6-Speed Motor for Bedrooms, Garages, Patios, Kitchens, and Farmhouse is made of wood and metal.

The quiet DC motor generates more power and torque while consuming less energy. In addition, the curved wooden blades maximize airflow. When the ceiling fan works, push the reverse button, and the fan will run backward. As a result, the indoor ceiling fan fits into any room, including living rooms, bedrooms, patios, common areas, and so on. The 52-inch ceiling fans can handle rooms between 20 square meters and 35 square meters.



USOR 60“ Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

USOR 60 Ceiling Fan

80 cm solid wood walnut blade height: 42 cm / 60 cm (from ceiling to bottom) of the fan. Their modern ceiling fan has two downloads of 30 mm & 12 mm, which can be used outside and inside. Motor size: 15 cm x 8 cm. To make operation much simpler – it comes with a dedicated control which you can use independently to turn the unit on/ off and adjust the speed. The remote control includes light on/off and color changes, six wind speeds, reverse wind and three wind types, and three different timer options.



Neatfi 52 Inches Reversible Ceiling Fan with LED

Neatfi 52 Inches Reversible

The fan blade is manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic, ensuring it won’t rust or corrode. It is also very sturdy and durable. It has a contemporary design that can fit into any room, including bedrooms, studios, and bathrooms. It has an energy-efficient motor that runs quietly without consuming much electricity. You can easily adjust the speed of the fan blades according to the size of your room. It comes with three lighting options – white, neutral, and warm. These lights provide a soft glow throughout the night. They last longer than traditional bulbs and consume a lesser amount of electricity.



Ovlaim 36 Inch Modern Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Remote Control

Ovlaim 36 Inch Modern

Breezy comfort and ambiance have never been more attainable with their sleek ceiling fan with a remote featuring an elegant blade design that provides effective ventilation while adding a touch of elegance.

Better still, the fan comes with a reverse cycle function that can be used for either summer or winter.

Unlike traditional fans, it is constructed with a DC motor, ensuring it is quieter with a barely audible hum of only 25 dB at maximum speed and more energy efficient than conventional fans.



USOR 52” Ceiling Fans with 3 Solid-Wood Blade

USOR 52'' Ceiling Fans

The black motor housing and reversible wood blades give this fan a dramatic and attractive appearance. The wood material and finish ceiling fan blend well with your room decor, whether your home is a modern house, a farmhouse, or a contemporary house. This 52″ ceiling fan comes with two down rods (10/20 cm) that can fit various heights. The handheld remote has a wall docking station that allows you to place it on the wall, so you do not have to hold it.



Devanti 52” Ceiling Fan With Light Remote DC Motor 3 Blades 1300mm

Devanti 52'' Ceiling Fan

With five fan speeds and a modern design, the contemporary-style ceiling fan offers plenty of airflow and cool breezes throughout your home. Its intelligent reverse cycle mode lets you enjoy a cooling breeze during the warmer months and heating winds during colder seasons. A built-in LED light gives off bright illumination with three color options: warm white, neutral white, and cool white, to match your ambiance. An energy-saving 35-watt motor runs silently, and an eight-hour timer lets you set the fan to operate automatically at your preferred times.



ELEGANT Ceiling Fans with LED Light and Remote Control

ELEGANT Ceiling Fans

Multi-capacitor for quiet operation and maximum air movement designed for interior use. Create a quiet and cool environment for you and your family. Anti-clockwise wise direction to make the room colder, clockwise wise direction to make the room warmer. Reversible airflow for summer & winter

Elegant 48-inch (1200mm) Noiseless DC Motor with 5 Speeds, 3 Colors Change Light,3 Reversible Blades Retractable Fan in Home&Outdoor; Color White is an excellent choice for your home or office. It has a white finish and a remote control to change the speed and light settings from anywhere in the room.



Westinghouse Ceiling Fans 78158 Turbo Swirl One 76 cm Six Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

The Westinghouse Turbostar Swirl offers remarkable airflow in a compact ceiling fan with six blades. In addition to its exceptional performance, the Turbostar Swirly has great looks and appealing styles. Product reference number 78159. Indoor 76cm contemporary ceiling fan in Titanium is ideal for rooms up to 10 sq. meters. Six Maple Blades, Opal Frosted Glass Light Fixture, uses 1 E14 60 Watt Light Bulb (Not Included), LED Compatible Reverse Switch for Summer/Winter Operation, Remote/Wall Control Adaptable Energy-Efficient Air Circulation, Powerful Air Movement And Quiet Performance Dual Mount Installation Illustrated Instruction Manual Included. Bulb Not Included



7PANDAS Morden Ceiling Fans with LED Light Kit and Remote

7PANDAS Morden Ceiling

Stylish and lustrous, this ceiling fan boasts simplicity that melds into modern contemporary interior home decor. This fan has a 50″ blade span, four blades, and can be controlled by a remote and best hung in the living room and dining room—ceiling fan with LED light. A cleanly designed housing hand painted is adored with four matching blades creating a beautifully streamlined ceiling fan. It also offers multiple speed settings, a timing function of 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 hours, different mounting options, and quiet motors while relaxing and enjoying.



HPM Inspire 4 Blade Ceiling Fan Silver 1220mm

HPM Inspire 4 Blade

The HPM Inspire 4 Blade Ceiling Fan Silver 1220mm is a great option for a stylish and functional ceiling fan. It features four blades, which can be controlled via remote control or the pull cord.

Inspire sweep fans can create a gentle breeze within your home. They are designed to work silently and efficiently, so they won’t disturb your sleeping patterns or cause noise pollution. Their specially developed technology allows them to operate quietly, ensuring you get uninterrupted rest. You can also set them to switch off after a certain period if you wish automatically.



Devanti 52” Ceiling Fan w/Remote – White

Devanti 52'' Ceiling Fan

Gentle breezes, gentle drafts, or high winds, this Devanti 52-inch ceiling fan is ready to meet your needs easily. With three fan speed options, the contemporary-designed ceiling fan also has a reversible motor that can create downdraughts during summer or up draughts during winter for greater comfort and efficiency. In addition, its four high-quality wooden blades are pitched at an airflow-inducing 12 degrees for more efficient wind creation. Plus, this energy-efficient 70-watt motor runs ever so quietly. The fan can be programmed for up to eight hours of timed operation and includes a convenient remote control.



Depuley 5-light Ceiling Fan with Remote

Depuley 5-light Ceiling Fan

Fandelier has an automatic retracting function. Blades will extend and insert automatically when turned on and off. When the ceiling fans are not working, the blades automatically retract to prevent dust accumulation. (Dia.106 cm when extended and Dia.44 cm when closed.) The base and the lampshade of this ceiling fan with bulbs and remote control are made of high-quality steel, which is more durable and safer. Hollow metal cage exposure exposes the bulb and fully utilizes the light. The material used for the fan blade is ABS plastic; the surface is smooth and easy to clean.




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