13 Best Air Conditioners Australia To Cool Your Rooms

Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by HR Editorial Team

The best air conditioner doesn’t just cool your home or office space. It also provides other benefits, like dehumidifying and purifying the air and providing warm-air heating during winter. We’ve curated this list of Australia’s most popular air conditioners to help you find the right one for your needs.


Advwin Air Conditioner Cooling Mobile Fan Cooler Dehumidifier (9000BTU/2650W)

Advwin Air Conditioner

Compact 9000BTU portable air conditioner unit, suitable for spaces up to 20 sq. m. Features include three modes – cooling, dehumidifying, and fan; automatic swing mode with moving wind vent for maximum airflow; and digital controls. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of digital controls. The compact floor AC also features an easy-to-read LED display and includes a remote control to set time, temperature easily, and operating mode from across the space.



Evapolar EV-500W evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

Evapolar EV-500W eva

Evaporative cooling works by drawing heat out of the surrounding air through evaporation. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, evaporation does not require refrigerants or moving parts. Instead, a small fan blows air over a wick coated with a special liquid, which absorbs moisture from the air and turns it into vapor. The resulting vapor is then cooled by passing it through a coil of tubing filled with another liquid. The resulting condensation releases latent heat into the room, lowering the temperature.



ADVWIN 8L Evaporative Air Cooler

ADVWIN 8L Evaporative

The air cooler combines three functions, cooling, humidification, and fanning, to meet your cooling and ventilating needs. The blades swing horizontally, delivering wind at a wide angle. You can choose between high, medium, and low speeds. The evaporative air cooler features three fan speed settings (normal, natural, sleep mode) and a removable water tank, cooling pad, and rear grill making regular cleaning and maintenance easy. Enjoy fresh and cool airflow only from the portable evaporative cooler.



Shinco Mobile Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier Fan Functions (2650W – (9000 BTU))

Shinco Mobile Air

Compact 9,000BTU portable air conditioner unit delivers fast, effective cooling for spaces up to 18-22 square meters in a home, office, cabin, or camper. When the room gets cool enough, switch to the first speed level, and this air conditioner will become silent (noise ≤ 56 dB) enough to maintain the temperature. Three functions in one machine – air conditioner cool your space quickly; 3-speed fans satisfy your needs. With 21 liters dehumidifying capacity each day, the dehumidifier function is a quick solution for stopping the growth of bacteria and mold in a hot and humid environment, keeping your space cool and dry!



Shinco 7000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Shinco 7000 BTU

Shinco 3-In-1 Portable Air Conditioner includes three different functions and two-speed settings. Cooling – cools the room to the set temp; Dehumidifier – reduces the humidity in the room; Fan – circulates the air in the room; Temperature can be adjusted from 16°C to 30°C. Shinco 7,500 BTU mobile air conditioner is equipped with a timer from 1 hour to 24 hours; the fan can be turned off at your desired time when you fall asleep or forget to turn it off. Sleeping mode ensures quiet operation with lower noise (56 dB), so you get a peaceful and comfortable sleep.



Devanti 1.6kW Window Wall Box Refrigerated Air Conditioner Conditioning Cooler Cooling Only

Devanti 1.6kW Window

The right compressor with enough power to perform the tasks efficiently and effectively. With its 1.5kW cooling capacity, this mini compact air conditioner works best with rooms up to 10. It’s ideal for cooling bedrooms or smaller living spaces. Every function can be accessed via the LED control panel or remote control, including a three-speed cooling/fan mode, automatic swing function, 24-hour Timer, and sleep mode. It also features an Energy Star rating, saving money on your electricity bill!



10L Evaporative Air Cooler Fan Ionizer/Humidifier Remote Control Conditioner

10L Evaporative Air

This unit is built into a thick water curtain, providing continuous cold airflow. You can choose between three modes and three speeds. An ionizer button allows you to release negative ions to freshen the air. The evaporative cooler. They can enjoy the fresh air this summer with the 10L Evaporation Air Cooler. You can serve yourself a cold drink and sit on the sofa. Even if you don’t do anything, that is already enough.



Olimpia Splendid 5.2kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner (AIRPRO18HP)

Olimpia Splendid 5.2kW

No more swelteringly hot summers or bone-chilling winters! With the Olimpiadec 5.2kW Portable Air Conditioner, your home will stay comfortable throughout the year thanks to its intelligent cooling and heating features. 5.2 kW cooling and 2.9 kW heating Heavy duty extensive coverage up to 35 m² six operating modes – auto, cooling, turbo cooler, dehumidification, fan, and heating mode 24-hour timer mode Blue air technology Full function remote control soft-touch controls and a digital LCD R290 natural gas refrigerants.



Shinco 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, with Cooling

Shinco 12,000 BTU

Shinco 3-In-One Portable Air Conditioner has three smart modes: Cooling, Fan, and Dehumidification. Cooling Mode provides powerful cooling on hot summer days. Fan Mode Circulates air. Dehumidification Mode is ideal for rainy and damp weather. It can meet your ventilation and cooling needs perfectly. Shinco 12, 000BTU Portable Air Conditioner is built Timer from 1 to 24 hours. You can turn on the air conditioners in advance through the timer setting and feel the cool breeze instantly when you get home.



Devanti Portable Air Conditioner Cooling Mobile Fan Cooler Dehumidifier White 2050W

Devanti Portable Air

The air conditioner quickly delivers super cool breezes through rooms sized ten m² – 15m² with its variable louvers. The intelligent LCD shows all your settings, and a convenient remote control lets you operate the unit from anywhere in the room (including outside). The air conditioner can run for several hours with its twenty-four-hour Timer. Four castors and built-in handles enable the unit to be moved around easily. In addition, a built-in adjustable window exhaust kit enables simple installation of the exhaust hose.



Midea 2.5 kW Portable Air Conditioner 

Midea 2.5 kW Portable Air

The Midea Portable Air Conditioner is a 3-In-1 Unit Designed for Ultimate Comfort in Your Home. In Addition to Air Conditioning, It Can Be Used as A Fan or Dehumidifier and Includes an Easy to Clean, Washable Filter. It Comes with Innovative Features, Including The Follow Me Features That Sense Your Distance and Automatically Adjust the Cooling Strength. In addition, it automatically Recycles Condensate Water from Evaporator to Condenser, with No Need for The Water Bucket.



Devanti Evaporative Air Cooler Portable Air Conditioner 6L Cooling Fan Humidifier

Portable Air Conditioner

Their Devanti Evolutionary Air Cooler is an innovative air conditioner and humidifier integrated into a single unit. To use it as a cooling device, follow the instructions to make ice cubes, place them in the 6-liter water reservoir and switch on the evaporation mode to enjoy cool breezes throughout your home. The removable filters and ionizer effectively eliminate all pollutants, including dust, pollen, cigarette smog, bacteria, and odors, to provide pure air. The three-speed fan can operate at three speeds (Normal, Natural, and Sleep) and has four castor wheels for easy movement.



Devanti Portable Air Conditioner Evaporative Air Cooler Portable Fan

Cooler Potable Fan

The evaporative cooling system can be used as an efficient air conditioner or a convenient humidifier for better indoor comfort. The removable filters, along with the built-in ionizer, effectively eliminate all pollutants, such as dust particles, pollen, cigarette smoke, and bacteria, to deliver purified air. Each setting can be controlled easily through the simple control panel. A remote controller is also provided for added convenience. The evaporative cooling system works in three modes – Normal, Natural, and Sleep- to suit your preferences.




We’ve reviewed the top 13 air conditioners in Australia and hope you’ve found the perfect product for your needs. Please let us know if any other products should be added to this list!